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Service Level Agreement: Your Assurance of Performance

At Bagohsot.com Networks, we prioritize the seamless availability of our services and strive to exceed your expectations consistently. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines our commitment to exceptional performance and maximum uptime. Designed to assure you of top-notch service, our SLA defines service levels, applicable services, and the calculation of service credits for each service.

Reactive Hosting and 100% Guaranteed Network Uptime

Bagohsot Networks offers a reactive hosting service for all websites, accompanied by a 100% Guaranteed Network Uptime. While we provide a reactive hosting service, routine use, maintenance, and software updates can impact website functionality. Therefore, it remains the client’s responsibility to ensure their website operates optimally. For ‘always-on’ and ‘managed hosting services,’ we offer customized solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Power and Service Availability

We assure you that our power and services will be accessible 100% of the time in a given month. Should any downtime occur, you will receive a Service Credit of Five percent (5%) of the Net Monthly Recurring Charge (Net MRC) for each hour (or fraction thereof) of downtime.

Replacement Guarantee

Bagohsot.com Networks guarantees the operational status of all hardware and services. In the event of a hardware or service failure, we commit to replacing or repairing the faulty component at no cost to you within one hour of identifying the issue (the “Replacement Guarantee”).

Network Uptime

Leveraging our robust network infrastructure, we offer a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. If any service experiences less than 100% uptime in a given month, we will credit 5% of your base monthly service fee for the first hour of downtime, and an additional 5% for each subsequent hour of downtime, up to a maximum of 80% refund. Please note that emergency scheduled downtime by Bagohsot.com will not affect this calculation. This guarantee pertains solely to network uptime, not to hardware, software, or services running on your server. Account credits are issued upon client request made within 3 days of the incident, submitted through our support ticket system.

Exceptions to the SLA

We acknowledge that circumstances beyond our control can impact service, including governmental actions, acts of war, fire, third-party service interruptions, and more. Scheduled and emergency maintenance, DNS issues outside our control, and false SLA breaches are also exceptions.

Net MRC Defined

Net MRC refers to the monthly recurring charge for the affected hosting or cloud service configuration, excluding any optional or add-on services not part of the standard plan.

Technical Support

Our fully managed technical support includes assistance with setup, access, and server-related issues. Our servers are monitored around the clock, with support agents available through Livechat, Support Ticket (Helpdesk System), or Email. We strive to acknowledge emails within 1 working hour and aim to answer phones during business hours. Our commitment to responsive support ensures your questions are addressed promptly.


Bagohsot.com Networks’ Service Level Agreement reinforces our dedication to your service quality, network uptime, and customer satisfaction. As we transition into the Bagohsot.com era, we remain committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and secure hosting solutions.

Experience Top-Tier Hosting Services with Bagohsot.com Networks – Your Reliable SLA Partner.