Top AI Video Generators of 2024: Streamlining Video Production with Artificial Intelligence

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AI has revolutionized video production by offering tools that can drastically reduce the time and effort required to create high-quality videos. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, these AI video generators can help you streamline your video production process. Here are some of the top AI video generators available:

  1. Descript: Descript is an AI-powered video editing software that allows you to edit videos by editing the script. It offers features like automatic transcription, text-based video editing, and voice cloning for efficient video production.
  2. Wondershare Filmora: Filmora uses AI tools to polish videos quickly and effectively. It offers features like automated color correction, motion tracking, and smart templates to enhance your video editing process.
  3. Runway: Runway is an AI platform that enables experimentation with generative AI for video creation. It provides tools for generating creative visuals and effects, making it ideal for artists and designers.
  4. Peech: Peech is designed for content marketing teams and offers AI-powered video creation. It automates the process of turning text-based content into engaging videos, making it easier to create video content for marketing purposes.
  5. Synthesia: Synthesia specializes in using digital avatars to create videos. It allows you to generate videos with AI-driven avatars that can deliver scripted content, making it useful for virtual presentations and tutorials.
  6. Fliki: Fliki is tailored for social media videos. It offers AI-based video editing tools to quickly create and edit videos optimized for various social media platforms.
  7. Visla: Visla helps you turn a script into a video by automating the video creation process. It offers customization options and templates to simplify video production.
  8. Opus Clip: Opus Clip is designed for repurposing long-form content into short-form videos. It uses AI to help you efficiently create shorter video clips from your existing content.

When evaluating AI video generators, consider factors such as the quality of video output, customization options, ease of use, and unique features offered by each tool. These AI tools aim to increase production efficiency and maintain video quality while reducing the time and effort required to create engaging videos.

In the realm of AI video generation tools, there’s a diverse range of options catering to various needs. Let’s delve into each category and highlight the best AI video generators in each:

Top AI Video Generators of 2024

Best AI Video Generator for Editing Video by Editing the Script: Descript


  • Intuitive controls.
  • Allows video editing by editing the transcription.


  • Transcription accuracy can vary.

Descript is your go-to tool when you need to edit videos by working directly with the script. It automatically generates a transcript, separating the video into scenes, making editing as simple as editing a text document. You can divide your video into scenes by typing a forward slash in the script, and then seamlessly add B-roll from a media library. Descript streamlines video editing, making it a time-saving choice.

Best AI Video Editor for Polishing Your Video with AI Tools: Wondershare Filmora


  • Combines traditional video editing with AI features.
  • Offers various learning resources.


  • Can be slow on low-end computers.

Wondershare Filmora, a veteran in the field, introduces AI features like smart cutout, audio denoise, motion tracking, and more. These features enhance video quality without the need for extensive editing skills. Filmora also offers templates and auto beat sync to streamline your video production. It provides flexibility in terms of format, resolution, and quality settings, and even allows direct publishing to platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Best AI Video Enhancer for Experimenting with Generative AI: Runway


  • Advanced AI tools for unique results.
  • Offers excellent help content.


  • Steep learning curve.

Runway is a powerful tool for experimenting with generative AI in video creation. It provides features like green screen removal, generative AI tools for text-to-video and image-to-image, object removal and replacement, and more. While it has a learning curve, the user-friendly interface and video tutorials make it accessible for creative minds looking to explore AI-driven video enhancements.

Best AI Video Generator for Content Marketing Teams: Peech


  • Intuitive workflow.
  • Customizable design for video visual elements.


  • Pricing can be steep.

Peech simplifies video creation for content marketing teams. It automates branding by integrating your brand kit, adds name and role cards for individuals in the video, and generates customizable subtitles. Peech Lite streamlines the process of turning text-based content into branded videos, making it a valuable asset for content marketers.

Best AI Video Generator for Using Digital Avatars: Synthesia


  • High-quality AI avatars.
  • Multi-language support.


  • May not be entirely convincing on large screens.

Synthesia excels in using digital avatars for video creation. It offers a library of realistic avatars that can be paired with suitable voices. While the avatars may not be entirely indistinguishable from humans, they serve well for training videos, presentations, and tutorials. Synthesia also allows you to add extra scenes and upload your own footage for a comprehensive video creation experience.

Best AI Video Generator for Producing Social Media Videos: Fliki


  • Efficient for creating social media content.
  • Offers simple and effective text-to-speech intonation controls.


  • Not highly flexible.

Fliki is designed to streamline the creation of social media-ready videos. Its core feature combines text-to-speech with video, allowing users to control rhythm and enunciation. The intuitive interface makes it easy to customize videos, and Fliki also supports podcasting and audiobook creation. It’s an excellent choice for quick and effective social media content production.

Best AI Text-to-Video Generator for Turning a Script into a Video: Visla


  • Generates text scripts.
  • Accurate AI video stock suggestions.


  • Limited help and guides available.

Visla simplifies the process of turning a script into a video. It generates concise video scripts and then uses AI to search for suitable stock images and videos to match the content. Visla also supports video recording, editing, and meeting recording, making it a versatile tool for video creation and repurposing.

Best AI Video Generator for Repurposing Long-Form to Short-Form Video: Opus Clip


  • Quickly repurposes long-form content into short-form videos.
  • Results are ready for publication.


  • Highly specialized, limited scope.

Opus Clip specializes in repurposing long-form content into short-form videos suitable for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. It identifies viral moments in your video, creates short clips, and optimizes them with catchy titles and subtitles. Opus Clip is a time-saving tool for efficiently repurposing video content.

In conclusion, the best AI video generator depends on your specific needs. Whether you’re focused on script-based editing, video polishing, generative AI experimentation, content marketing, avatar usage, social media content, script-to-video conversion, or content repurposing, there’s an AI video generator tailored to your requirements. Explore these tools, make use of free plans or trials, and find the one that enhances your video production workflow.

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